The Great Costume Dilemma

So today I was visiting a friend, and for her birthday party she’s doing a fancy dress one: Fantasy and Legend. Hence, we went shopping for some last minute costume purchases.

This led me to at least a few shops, browsing around the endless aisles of ‘pirate girl’, ‘Alice in Blunderland’ (Also an Alice in LSD land, but no in Wonderland…) and ‘greek goddess’. The common theme in all of these semed to be an underlying aspiration to show as much skin off as possible.

Now, I know this is purely the Female costumes, as I once saw a costume of a ‘body bag’ (a bit morbid I know, but stay with me) and the male version of it was just a regular body bag with a hole for the head and the arms etc. However, the female version was just a bodycon mini black dress, with a toe tag style necklace… I fail to see how this is anything vaguely like a body bag. Also, the disparity between the male version and the female version just goes to show how over sexualised halloween has become… but just for women.

I suppose this is just one of the social sexisms that may never go away, in fact, it’s actually gotten worse over the years. Maybe in a few more we’ll be seeing Halloween underwear clothes, and it might be so hard to just find a normal outfit that covers even a small amount of skin.

This might seem a little off season, being on the other end of the calender to the season I’m actually talking about, but you can’t help what pops into your head.

Happy not-Halloween everyone, hopefully you’ll have better luck than me in finding a non-slutty/sexy costume.


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