Are you two…?

Me and my sister went shopping recently, and one thing has been running through my mind since then:

The most common question I get asked, I think possibly the earliest twin related one I’ve ever been asked, but don’t hold me to that, is ‘Are you two related?’ The man at the till happened to ask us this as we were checking out.

Now, this confuses me for a few reasons.

The main one is that it makes me think:

Do they ask that because they think we look identical but don’t want to offend us by assuming that we’re twins?

Do me and my sister not look as much alike as we think we do, so they’re just commenting on a similarity between us?

Do they legitimately think that we’re not related and just want to comment on how we look freakishly alike?

I mean, all of my friends tell me that, when they first got to know us, they weren’t sure how they were ever going to tell us apart. But once they knew us for a while, now they don’t know how they ever confused us.

The confusing thing about being a twin is that I don’t think I look exceptionally similar to my sister. I suppose people always see every detail in themselves, whether it’s a spot that they think must be the size of a football to everyone else, but is really so tiny you can’t notice it. Or some feature that they don’t like about themselves that they think is really obvious.

I think everyone sees themselves in high definition. So, using that, I can see every minute difference between me and my sister, and so I don’t see the ‘identical’ part of us being twins as much as other people.

I wonder if there might be some sort of analyser at some point in the future that could tell us how alike we look, how you look to the world, maybe even give you a ‘rating of attractiveness’ or something, but I’m not sure if that would be a good thing.

For now, I might just have to settle for eventually bringing up the courage to ask the next person to say the dreaded question all of this above, and just hope for an answer.

2 thoughts on “Are you two…?

  1. An ex of mine once asked identical twins if they were sisters and I managed to convince him that they weren’t, they were just a really coincidental example of that phrase “everyone has a twin somewhere in the world” and not only did he fall for it, the girl sitting next to us believed me as well.
    All I’m saying is, start getting creative.

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