“You should date twins!”

So there’s this amazing revelation that everyone always seems so pleased with when they come out with it. I think you can guess what that is. I’d be pretty disappointed if you couldn’t considering it’s the title…

Anyway, it’s this eureka moment that recently seems to follow the ‘why don’t you both have boyfriends?’ conversation pretty often. It’s like they seem to think that, because I’m ‘so pretty’ or ‘so nice’ or ‘so sweet’ or ‘fill in the blank with a compliment’ that the reason that me and my twin sister aren’t going out with anyone must just be a simple solution that we haven’t thought about.

It couldn’t possibly be just that people find going out with twins odd, or we’re not as ‘so pretty’ as people seem to think, or maybe it’s just that I prefer to stay in and read a book than go out clubbing… again. No, it has to be that I’m not trying, or I’m too picky, or I haven’t thought about twins going out with twins before.

It’s not like I don’t think that it would be a good solution, or that I think the people saying it are trying to be patronising or anything; I know that they all like me and just want to help. I mean, twins going out with twins would never have the problem of other people not understanding the closeness between us, or finding the amount of time we spend together odd.

In fact, I think it could be a perfect solution. There are just a few problems:


1) Do people have any idea how rare twins are? Especially identical twins, assuming that’s what they mean when they say twins. There’s a reason why people look at us when we’re on the street, and why we always seem to get weird looks from babies: people aren’t used to seeing two people who look so alike.

2) Fancying someone is hard enough already; finding someone who you like and who likes you back is like finding a specific grain of sand in a whole beach full of them. Finding that AND they also happen to be identical twins would be even harder, maybe even impossible.

3) And, though this might just be a bit of paranoia, might it make the whole ‘oh, look over there at the weird twins’ thing even worse? Twins marrying twins is even in the news sometimes it’s that much of a spectacle.


So it’s not like I don’t agree with the statement, it’s just a little hard to aspire to something that is so greatly based on luck and timing: I’m very much the type of person who likes to be able to control aspects of my life.

But maybe romance is one of the few areas I just can’t control. Maybe I should just focus on being happy in every other aspect of my life first and just keep this part as a waiting game.

It doesn’t stop me thinking about it though.