Life catches up.

So it has been AGES since my last post. This place is more like a diary than a blog in some respects.

I’m now heading towards the end of my degree, I’ll soon be a fully qualified mathematician.

And it’s terrifying me right now.

My dad always said that the end of his degree was when he was the saddest he’d ever been. It was the emptiness, the directionless void he was walking into. Or at least, that’s an overly poetic version of what he thought. 

But I think I’m also excited. I’ll be an adult, and, no matter how much older I am from 18, I’ve never felt like that before.

I can see my self, in five or ten years, with a book published or on the way, and being a successful and happy maths writer. I can’t see anything on the personal side yet, but that should come too. Eventually.

So this was my re-introduction back into my blog. A bit short and not that interesting, but a start.

Nice talking to you again, Internet.



3 thoughts on “Life catches up.

  1. After writing a blog for years, and almost falling off the horse over the last year, I’m back twisting my own arm into writing again too. I’m a huge secret math nerd, but I never studied it at college. Love your blog btw.

    1. Wow, thank you. Your blog looks good also. I noticed you’re a software and web developer? I’ve applied for a couple of software developing jobs, how is it? Would it be a no go for someone who doesn’t really code outside of the modules of her degree?

      1. For the last three years I worked with a math graduate -she turned into a fantastic developer, and I miss her hugely. Not that I’m trying to talk you into it 😉

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