Those three words.

Disclaimer: this hasn’t actually happened to me, but it has in many tv shows I have watched so… It’s basically an experience of mine. That’s how those things work right?

Those three words. The hardest ones to say. I Love You.

Yup, the big ones.

So, the scenario is this:

There’s a couple, either in real life or on tv, and it’s a fair amount of time into the relationship. One person looks deep into the others eyes and says… That.

So, what if your response isn’t I love you right back? Do they have the right to get mad? To get insecure? To worry that you don’t want to go out with them?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is hell no.

My thoughts follow something my Dad said to me once:

‘If one person says I love you, and the other says it righ back then there are two scenarios:

1: The second person has been holding back the I love you… What reason would they have for that?

2: The second person is lying, and doesn’t love the first person yet. (I say yet because these things take time.)

Either scenario is pretty disappointing to be honest.’

So really, if you’re the type of person to get mad at someone not saying I love you at the exact time that you were ready to say it, then you just haven’t thought about it enough.

Personally, I’d rather we both said it whenever we were both ready, and not be pressured into feeling something we just don’t feel yet. (Me and my hypothetical partner. Oh, I didn’t tell you about them? Huh, must be because they’re invisible.)


This has been a PSA from your friendly neighbourhood spiderman… *cough* blogger. I meant blogger.


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