Moving house

As the title suggests, I have just moved house. Well, my family has, and as I only live with them around half of the year now, I suppose I have only half moved?

As I write… Or type, I am surrounded by boxes. Lots of them. There are eight full ones just in my bedroom alone.

What I’ve learned is that hiring someone to pack and move your stuff is absolutely worth it. They did in less than two days what would have taken us weeks. It was seriously impressive. And all it cost us was about 30 cups of tea and a couple of pints of milk… And money.

It’s been a bit saddening for me as I’m leaving the only house I ever remember living in, but it’s a nice house. MASSIVE garden, at least, compared to our previous one. I’ll get used to it eventually.

So I suppose you can tell that I didn’t really have a good idea for this post. I’m mostly using it as a diary entry. But that’s okay, I need to stick to my one post a week goal. Keep on writing!

I’ve also decided to apply for editorial jobs, mainly in educational areas so I can use my maths skills. I think I’ll enjoy it, if I get the chance to start, but it does worry me that I might not have the experience of others with editing and grammar etc. One of the downsides to trying to break into writing without an English degree I suppose.

So this has been a pretty short post. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Real life is catching up, only a few months left before I get thrown into it. Wish me luck.


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