Why we need the Bechdel test.

I was having a conversation with a friend of the family, mentioning the bechdel test and how I didn’t think that the latest Captain America film passed it. She replied with ‘but that’s not really important is it?’.

Um, yes it is.

Not in every film, but if women aren’t portrayed as important, like being fifty percent of the population entitles us to be, at least a bit, and not just thinking about men all the time, then we won’t have any good role models to look up to.

I myself was brought up in a very non-sexist, non-racist, basically pretty accepting family. So I never really out any thought into how or if I would be discriminated against when I grew up. Even now it’s hard to think of being seen as ‘less’ in a work environment in comparison to a man. It just doesn’t compute to me, and hopefully it will never happen.

But now I am in my twenties, I have sort of grown to accept the general day to day sexism in being groped in clubs, cat called, and the number of times I’ve been propositioned for a threesome with my twin sister I can’t even count. But it shouldn’t be the norm, and it sucks.

Each time I see a woman in a film, be it black widow, cat woman, hermione, or any strong woman who has a varied and developed personality, like in game of thrones, I feel a bit more empowered myself.

I know I don’t have superpowers, but if I could feel that strong for a second, I could absolutely be that strong in my own life. My life doesn’t revolve around men, or whoever I end up being attracted to, and why should it?

We need more representation in the media, just as we need to represent the world as it is with races as varied as they are.

The mathematician in me thinks that the percentages of races, and genders we have in the place where the tv show or film is based, should be reflected in the same percentage of cast members in the show.

Like, if the country it was based in had 30% of the population who were black, then the shows based there should also have 30% of their cast who are black too. Then there can be no argument of under representation, it’s mathematically correct, and I for one think that that’s the only way it can be absolutely fair.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see some women kick some ass just like the guys in those superhero films? I’m putting my vote in for a new Wonder Woman film. I think it could be awesome.


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