Advice about writing that I’m not so sure about.

Disclaimer: this post somehow deleted itself but was originally intended to be posted on the 12th June. Apologies.

1. To be a good writer, you have to experience everything.

Or, in other words, you have to try a lot of things, have a full life, get your heart broken etc.

But I don’t think that’s true.
Of course, it makes things easier; writing about what you know, and having lots of things that you know, allows you to write about a lot more.

But what about the people that haven’t been able to do a lot of things, go on a lot of adventures? Are they doomed to not be as great of a writer as they could have been?

It’s not fair to generalise, or make people feel bad for not having enough money, time, or being in the wrong place, to do a lot of things in their life.

I personally think that anyone can be a great writer. Most writers have lived thousands of lives purely in the books they read. (Though not all writers need to be avid readers either, I don’t want to be a hypocrite in my own argument here.)

So I’ve already had those life experiences, just through someone else’s eyes. If anything, that means I’ve had enough life experience to last me an infinite number of lifetimes. Why can’t that make me a good writer?

A good writer is just about being able to write well, not about what you’ve done, or how many people you’ve gone out with. At least, that’s in my opinion.

2. If you are a true writer, you’ll find time to write. Never stop writing.

Okay, so this just resurfaced in a writing page I follow. Someone was asking for advice on how to become a writer when she was really busy. This was the advice she got.

I thought it was pretty harsh.

I mean, I myself haven’t had much time to write at all this past month. Between finishing my dissertation, exams, and looking for jobs, I’ve barely been able to keep my own weekly post goal on this blog, let alone get back into writing.

It’s only this past week that I’ve been able to write barely 500 words in a book that I’ve been planning for half a year.

Sometimes you actually physically don’t have the physical time or mental capacity to write. And that’s okay.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you are ‘unworthy’ of being a writer. A lot of professional writers can take years out in between series. Taking your mind out of one world and into another can be tough, or sometimes you just need to rest. Whatever, it shouldn’t matter.

You are a writer if you want to and love to write. Even if you just like it as a hobby, call yourself a writer. There should be no rules governing what you can and cannot be.

So just go out, call yourself a writer, and write. Forget about how you ‘should’ do it. There’s no right way to write. Ha, that rhymed.


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