Why everyone can and should read YA books.

Quite often, too often in my opinion, I look at my bookshelves and feel guilty. Guilty for not having more ‘adult’ books up there like the classics or some with characters who have jobs or are older than 21.

It’s a sort of shame about mostly reading young adult fiction novels. Like I’m too old for them all of a sudden, or I shouldn’t be reading them anymore.

It’s brought on mostly by the fear that people will judge me, will think I’m immature or childish because I read that genre. Quite often I see articles shaming adults for still reading YA novels and it both frustrates me and gets under my skin.

Why are people judged for what they read?

I’d much more likely find it harder to understand why someone never reads than why they read YA novels. I’ve been living in so many different worlds through my life I find it hard to understand someone who only needs one. But not everyone needs an escape, and that’s fine.

Anyway, the umbrella of YA books has expanded dramatically these past years. Now I can find books about 11 year olds all the way to someone just turned 20 in that section. And it reflects the readership. Now, more adults than ever before are reading YA books. One article stated that there are more adults than there are teenagers reading the genre.

And why not? Sure, there are some books filled to the brim with gooey romance and teen angst. But there are also a lot of books with complex plots and deep emotions. The line is blurred between what is adult and what is YA.

I mean, quite a lot of adults are still young right? Would you call someone who’s 30 old? When is the marker for giving up the books we love to read? When is it right to say that people should stop reading a genre?

I think there is never a good enough reason to say someone should stop reading.

Sometimes the only way I can get my fix of paranormal creatures, the supernatural, anything otherworldly, is to read from the YA section. Show me an adult book based around mermaids and I’ll rush out to buy it. But until then leave me alone in my reading nook, reading whatever I want to read, because I can.

YA is for everyone, heck, all genres of books are for everyone. And anyone who says differently just doesn’t understand how much love readers can have for their books.


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