Graduaation Daaaayyy, Graduaattiion Daaaeeeaaay!

That song has been running around my head for the whole day. Nonstop. It’s actually rather annoying. But so catchy.

The reason is… Drumroll please. I graduated today!

The main things I learned throughout the day were:

I shouldn’t have been so worried about tripping in front of everyone.

To be honest, when you’re up there you’re more worried about remembering to put your feet in front of each other and shaking hands with the right guy to even notice the crowd of people beside you.

My brain was mostly going ‘Just keep walking, they just said my name, keep walking. Not too fast! Now not too slow! Shake the guys hand, keep moving, shake the other guys hand. Take your certificate, no, no don’t drop it! Phew. Okay, now where the hell was my seat again?’

And it was over that quickly. Then I was just paranoid about creasing this pretty certificate with my name on it that would be framed and hung up somewhere, possibly for the rest of my life.

I shouldn’t have worried so much about staying all nice for my photo, and not hating it.

It was hot. Very hot. Like the sun had suddenly remembered that England should have been in Summer. And a big black gown really doesn’t help in that weather.

I was really glad I’d had my photo taken, with the plastic tube with a ribbon tied around it, early on. I doubt my relatives would have wanted a red faced, sweaty, version of me in pride of place in their living rooms. No one wants that.

But honestly, I really quite liked my graduation photo. My hair was doing what it was told, and my face didn’t go all red, pretty good really.

Though I think my happiness was partially down to the quality of their camera being flattering, and being able to buy airbrushing on my photos.

Yup, that’s right. Airbrushing.

If someone had told me you could buy that before I wouldn’t have worried so much about a spot showing up on the day, or my teeth looking odd on the day.

Dad: Well, that’s not really necessary is it, and it’s an extra £7.50-
Me, mum and My sister: Get it.

So that happened.

I should have dragged my parents back to the stash stalls quicker.

Yeah, so that was a bit of a mistake. The only real ramifications being an extra £4.50 in postage and 28 days wait for a ‘class of 2014’ t-shirt, but it was a still annoying.

The woman almost tried to sell us the shirts with the day after our one’s names on it… Yeah.

And I didn’t get anyone to sign my yearbook. But that was really my own fault, so we’ll brush over that. Yep, brushed away.

All in all, a good day. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. And no, I don’t feel any different really. I still feel like I’m on a summer break, just waiting to go back to studying.

Wonder when that’ll change.

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