Am I good enough?

So I’ve found that I tend to stick to a pattern recently:

1. Get frustrated that I’m not getting anywhere with job applications.

2. Get some sort of response, like my CV gets sent on or someone might have something for me.

3. Freak out about it actually happening.

4. And, panic that I’m not anywhere near good enough for whatever job I might get.

It could be anything as simple as the job description needing coding (I’ve had interviews before where I found out that I wasn’t at all good enough to do programming based jobs) or it could just be my insecurities rearing their ugly heads again.

I think it all comes down to me thinking that I’m not as good as other people think, or even as good as I thought.

Like, recently I’ve heard of an opportunity to possibly get into script writing. And, even though I love writing and have had some positive feedback in the past, from people or courses I’ve done, I still can’t let myself say that I’m actually good at it. Or, say it and really mean it.

Will this hold me back? Probably.
But eventually I’ll get enough evidence to allow myself to say that I am good enough, maybe enough confidence will do it.

Only time will tell.

P.s. Apologies about the short post. I’ve been a bit busy this past week with graduation, my car breaking down, and a friend moving over from Australia. Big week I know.

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