Starting from scratch

I’m thinking of doing another degree.

“What?” I hear you cry. “Why? You only just finished the last one!”
Yes, yes I did. But maybe it wasn’t the right degree for me.

That happens a lot apparently. Someone spends three years solidly doing one subject and then realises that maybe they don’t want to do it for a career.

I mean, this doesn’t mean that I won’t ever go back and do maths. I did like it after all, and was fairly good at it. I just don’t feel like it’s what I want to do right now.

And so, if I seriously want to move areas into Publishing or Journalism, I’ll need some qualifications. And just maybe that means getting an Open University degree. Possibly one focusing on creative writing, then it has the added bonus of making my writing better. (In novels, obviously it would make my writing better overall too.)

And it kind of makes sense.

People always tell you that “This next stage will be totally different to what you’ve done up to now!” And then they go and get all shocked when you don’t like it anymore.

Who says that just because you liked studying something that you’ll automatically like it as a job?

Working and studying are worlds apart.

Besides, even Einstein took a break after his studies.
Sometimes you just need to get away from something, especially after long periods of concentrating on it.

So this is what happens when I leap out into the void of ‘real life’. I get a part time job at a pub and take on another degree. I’ll tell you, it wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing after my degree.

This is a big commitment though, so I will take a few days to really think it through. But right now it seems like the best move for me.

And at least it’s a step forward. That’s something at least.

Side note: I’m starting to misspell something (by slipping up on the keyboard) so often now that it can take me a few seconds to realise that soemthing isn’t actually a word.

Maybe I’ll give it my own definition. It can be my legacy.

And that’s an update on my life. Which you absolutely wanted to hear about. Yep.


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