On apologising.

Recently I’ve had a few situations where something bad has happened, say something was broken, and the person who was at fault didn’t apologise.

The common reason in this case was ‘well I didn’t mean to do it.’ Or just an explanation of why the event happened.

I don’t think that it’s right, or polite in fact.

Let’s take the first excuse: Well I didn’t mean to do it.

In this case I would say: When else are you supposed to apologise? When you meant to do it? In that case you’d just laugh and walk away, happy that your plan succeeded.

The only case when you would actually be sorry would be when you didn’t mean to do it, and hence that is no reason not to say it.

I pride politeness over a fair few things, which is surprising considering it took me a very long time to get saying please and thank you down properly.
Therefore it’s tough for me to understand why other people can’t see how rude it is to just not say one simple word. It doesn’t even require that much effort really. I barely think about it and I say sorry probably too often.

I even apologise to the ground if I trip, and that makes no sense.

Even if the other person offers to fix or replace the broken item, I think I would still prefer them to apologise. Well, I would prefer both to happen, but if I had to pick one it would be the apology.

Saying sorry is easy but it just helps to diffuse the situation and calm everyone down, even lighten the mood a little, take the focus off what has just been broken and move on.

So I guess my point is: it’s better to say sorry too often than not at all. Apologise more often, what’s the downside to saying it?

And that’s my rant for the day.


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