#feelingnuts gave me an idea

I watched a comedy show with the message: Learn how to and check your testicles for cancer frequently.

But even with all the shows and websites telling you how to check your nuts and boobs, how do we know what to look for?

I mean, no one’s ever felt Cancer until they have it. And the number of fat deposits or just natural bumps you could have that could be mistaken for cancer is silly.

So I had an idea. It’s probably not a novel idea, but it’s one that I haven’t seen being done before.

What if, in a doctor’s surgery, they had a fake testicle and a fake boob with fake cancer in it. Just a few lumps and just so we can get used to what a cancerous lump would actually feel like. Then we might catch many more cases before they become a real issue.

It’s just a small thought, but it’s one that could potentially save lives.

And it’d be pretty fun too.


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