Finding a new way

So these past few months out of University have at least taught me one thing: There are many ways to get what you want out of life.

And that’s without actually getting there myself yet.

My goals were this:
1. Write. It doesn’t matter if it’s books, articles, this blog, whatever, just write.
2. Be happy in whatever job I end up in.

I thought to get those things that I’d have to be a professional writer, or editor or something. But what if I can be a data analyst and freelance article writer? Or work in finance within a publishing company whilst writing as a hobby?

There are are so many possibilities to do what you want in life. Even if it seems like there’s only one path.

Hell, my mum thought she was going to be a doctor, failed her A-levels, did a zoology degree that she hated, then went into computer programming and now works in finance. And she’s very happy with how her life turned out.

I mean, there will be people like my dad who knew what they wanted and went down the straight path to it. But others will take more of a spaghetti junction kind of route. Yes, we might take a bit longer, but we still get there, and the journey might be super stressful, but it also might be far more fun.

Right now I work part time in a shop. Is it what I want to do for the rest of my life? No.
Is it a good job that helps me earn my keep at home and stops me from going stir crazy? Yes.
And besides, I knew the first job I got out of university wasn’t going to be my lifelong career.

I just hope that the route to that will be a hell of a lot of fun, and I’ll love it when I get there.

(Apparently I’m also a novice motivational speaker on the side, who knew?)


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