My New Years resolution is to post more.

I’m sitting here feeling very sorry for myself right now.

I am sick. Like cough your brains out, aching all over sort of sick. Not fun.

But I have been quite busy this past month that I haven’t posted in. I finished an assignment for my online degree and I got a new job.

What job is this I hear you ask? (Or you may not care, but I’ll tell you anyway.)

I am now an Editorial Assistant at Macmillan Science and Scholarly. I am super excited and also super scared.

It’s the job that I think I’ve been waiting to get for quite a while now, but, like most people when they finally get their dream job, I am now panicking.

What if I start it and somehow stop liking it?
What if I’m really bad at it and they all hate me there so I get fired?
London is big and scary, what if I get mugged?
What if I get attacked?
What if the bosses only seemed lovely when I met them and they actually turn out to be mean and scary?

That’s just a smidge of what my brain is throwing at me right now.
I know a lot of it is irrational and can be logically argued away, but it doesn’t stop the thoughts from going around.

But for now I’ll keep on saying to myself: it’s the job you wanted, it’s the job that could get you on the road to becoming an editor, it’s the job that could help you discover what job is the job that will make you truly happy in your life. Besides, it’s a full time job, and that’s better than any part time one anyway.

So wish me luck as I step into this ‘real world’ I’ve been hearing so much about.

It should be interesting at least.