Mini Reviews | Books I read in 2018

Last year was pretty intense for me; I got a new job, I got my first ever house! So I’ve missed a few reviews along the way. Well, these poor neglected books are now getting the attention they deserve!

Here are mini reviews of a bunch of books I read in 2018 that were skipped over for review. (pictures are hyperlinked to the goodreads book page)

An Ember in the ashes

Rating: 5 stars

This book was very dramatic, with really well-written action scenes and a cliffhanger ending that made me buy the second book a matter of hours after I’d finished. Sabaa is a very good writer, and the variety and depth of her characters really show that. I recommend it highly!

The Hazel Wood

Rating: 4 stars

Reading this was like living inside an old folk tale or a Grimm fairytale. Very creepy and information drip fed when you needed it. I think it could be a very polarising book, if you don’t like the style then you won’t get on with it, but I loved it a lot. I’d absolutely read a book full of the stories of the Hazel Wood!

The Wicked Deep

Rating: 4 stars

This was a very thoughtful book, and one that really threw me at the end. A very good twist, and really emotive writing. It was poetic without feeling overdone, which is a very hard thing to balance. A unique story and one I will recommend to a lot of people.

P.S. I still love you

Rating: 4 stars

If you haven’t read any of Jenny Han’s books – what are you waiting for? The first of this series was recently made into a film on Netflix and the support it’s received really tells you a lot about how good these books are. They’re sweet and light and funny, the perfect read if you need to feel happy and warm for a little while. The sequel is just as good as the first and a very quick read. Go fall in love with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky like I did!

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