Unboxing | Illumicrate August 2018 Oh So Criminal Box

Hi All! I thought I’d do something different for my blog post today and do an unboxing and review of the latest Illumicrate box ‘Oh So Criminal’.

I love book subscription boxes, but the UK ones have especially stepped up their game in recent years with both Fairyloot and Illumicrate putting fantastic quality items in their boxes!

So, first things first:

There was an awesome ‘Villains are my Bag’ tote bag with very good quality straps. It feels really well made and who doesn’t love a good pun?

This was designed by KDP Letters and is so gorgeous I am absolutely going to be using this as my main tote bag from now on.

Next was a coaster by Katie Abey and a mirror with a Holly Black quote from White Cat designed by Reverie and Ink. Both very pretty, though I may not use the coaster, I may put the mirror in my handbag and be reminded of how awesome Holly Black’s writing is every time I use it.

Then, we have a Six of Crows lanyard with ‘No Mourners, No Funerals’ on it by Fable and Black which is my favourite quote from that series! This will be so useful at work and I get to show off my love for Leigh Bardugo’s characters all over the office.

Next were some prints and postcards: A Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy one by Jamila Mehio which is so cute and I love those two so much, a Tempests and Slaughter and a Girls of Paper and Fire postcard, and a little card advertising the 10 best upcoming books as chosen by Harper 360.

And then we have a candle by Even Wick Candles called ‘Perfect Heist’ which smells like Sweet Melon, Water Lily and Musk. Not my favourite smell when it comes to candles, but still a very nice one. And a sampler of The Sisters of the Winter Wood which I can’t wait to read!

Next (yes I’m still going because this box was crammed full!) we have a necklace by Down The Rabbit Hole which is so adorable I wear it all the time! It says ‘Antagonist’ on one side and ‘Protagonist’ on the other, it’s so hard to choose which to be. Also, there was a nail file with a little Jay Kristoff quote from Nevernight on it by Hey Atlas Creative. Again, another super useful item because I always have a nail file in my bag and glass files are the nicest!

And Last but not least, the book! I have to admit I was a little disappointed this box didn’t contain an Advance Reader Copy like Illumicrate usually add, but with all the cool stuff in it I really couldn’t help but love it anyway!

The book was an awesome copy of Catwoman by Sarah J. Maas with purple sprayed edges (!!!) and the most gorgeous cover ever. It wasn’t signed but again, it was so pretty I wasn’t too bothered.

Overall I’d say the value of the items in this box must be around £50 or more! Given this box costs around £30 that’s an incredible added value and I can’t help but love Illumicrate boxes every time I receive them.

Have you ever got an Illumicrate box?